Gabriele Euchner, MBA

certified: Business Coach (INLPTA), NLP-Master (DVNLP), ​HOGAN Management Assessment.

I am a highly experienced business coach & sparring partner for managers and executives from various functional areas, industries - worldwide. My coaching focus: career counseling, leadership communication and resilience. Get clarity, focused and get going are the pillars of my coaching. 

In 10,000+ coaching hours, I have been privileged to help executives from different hierarchy levels, functional areas and industries to redefine their career strategies, competency profiles and find their dream job. Another coaching focus: individual communication is the most important leadership skill. Learning about your own communication style and its effectiveness is key to successful leadership. A third coaching focus: maintaining and strengthening resilience is indisputably the most sustainable task of any leader, because leadership is a marathon, not a sprint.  

As a former Managing Director and Country Manager in the international consumer goods industry, I had the privilege to be confronted with and successfully managed all kinds of management challenges in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the USA - be it in the market, people management and change, strategy and implementation. 


If you're coaching (Top) Managers, you should have been a (Top) Manager yourself.



Career Highlights  



Kienbaum Consultants


Executive Coaching, Outplacement, New Placement Germany, Switzerland,Executive Coaching/-Search in USA.

Country Manager/ Managing Director

Central Europe 

Mary Kay Cosmetics

50 FTE (Operations, Finance, IT, HR, Sales, Marketing, Events/Trainings) and 12,000 Sales Representatives. Results: Significant increase of Net Sales and EBIT

Country Manager/ Managing Director


Jafra Cosmetics

20 FTE: Operations, Finance/HR/IT, Sales, Marketing, Events,Trainings and 1.300 Sales Representatives. Results: Turnaround, restructure  sales, relaunchcorporate brand.


Marketing Manager

"National Brands“

Kraft Foods

11 FTE, 10 product groups and 250 Mio€ in revenue: significant increase of revenue and EBIT by focusing on high profitable brands and products.

Marketing Manager

"National Brands“

Kraft Foods

11 FTE, 10 product groups and 250 Mio€ in revenue: significant increase of revenue and EBIT by focusing on high profitable brands and products.

Group Product Manager

"Marlboro" Line extensions"

Philip Morris

3 product groups and 950 Mio € in revenue: most successful brand relaunch of „Marlboro Lights“ in Germany, ever.


Best Practices: Coaching, Consulting, Training


Leadership, Communication Skills, Career

Automotive, Consumer goods, German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturing


Leadership Culture Communication Skills

Health Insurance, Manufacturing & Engineering 


Executive Coaching, Communication Skills, Intercultural Leadership

Consulting Services, Manufacturing & Engineering USA 


2015 - 2018

Re-deployment & NewPlacement Consulting

National, international, medium sized companies, corporations

2012 - 2015

Executive Coaching, Strategic Marketing Consulting

International medium sized companies

2015 - 2008

In-house Management Trainings


Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical



I am a published author of various books on leadership style, leadership culture, and career:

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Back into the game

The Guide to Your Dream Job

KDP 2021

[Image not found]

Kicked out of the Executive Suite

Top Manager reveal their Stories!

Haufe Publishing 2013

[Image not found]

Key factor motivation!

From employee to entrepreneur

BoD  Publishing 2008

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Success as Entrepreneur

The quality check for the
new generation of managers

FTD 2000