What are the three most important questions you'll be asked when looking to change your career?

What are your skills?

What are your goals?

What does the market offer? 


These are the pillars of every Job Search and Interview process - whether you are at the middle or upper management level, whether you are a manager or top manager - and regardless of whether you are living in Germany or abroad. 

How can you get prepared for that? 

My new book will help you get started:

"Back into the Game. The Guide to Your Dream Job."


I'm Gabriele Euchner, MBA, Executive Coach and Sparring Partner for managers and leaders (www.gabrieleeuchner.com).....and I know how to get you back into the game.

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Get clear. Get Focused. Get going.

Since 2012, I've been coaching executives and managers from 25 different industries ....and after over 10,000 coaching hours, I've helped more than 1000 clients find the job and careers they wanted.
I take great pleasure in supporting managers in identifying and putting their talents, skills, and abilities into perspective...and I am very good at it making my clients successful. 

Find dream jobs with a salary increase of up to 20% in 3 to 6 months. 

Develop their full potential and feel recognized and valued as leaders and managers.

Avoid wasting time on a manual job search and being stuck in their career.

"Back into the Game. The Guide to Your Dream Job"

In this book, you will find the essential contents of my Career Coaching Program condensed and compiled. It’s carried out in an efficient step-by-step process:

  • Your goals and resources

  • Your work-life model for the future

  • Your unique career profile with appropriate keywords

  • A new resume and a new LinkedIn profile

  • All to make you visible on OnlineJobPlatforms and LinkedIn for recruiters and headhunters

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