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About Gabriele

Gabriele Euchner, MBA

I am a Sparring Partner and Executive Coach, and I love to empower managers and leaders.

In thousands of coaching hours I have successfully counseled managers and C-level executives from many walks of life, countries, and industries during the last 15 years. I help clients with unique career profiles, career strategy, career planning, and career path.

I deliver results because in the last 6 years over 250 people from various industries found their new career path with my help. My direction is: Get Clear. Get Focused. Get Going!

I have a proven record of accomplishment as a C-Level Executive in the Consumer Goods Industry.

I have achieved repeated success as a turnaround expert and Country Manager in Europe.

I have managed major consumer brand portfolios and direct sales companies by applying expertise in:

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Sales

  • Business development

  • Strategy development

  • Operations management

  • Human resources


What Clients Say About Gabriele

Andrea Balen

One of Gabriele’s main strengths is to be able to really listen. She won’t pontificate or present you with pre-fabricated answers. Her coaching is always precise, sensible and she has the gift to be very intuitive.

Anke Paalzow

Gabriele goes straight to the core which I have really appreciated. Her huge coaching experience with people from all walks of life and vita enables her to touch the right topics and leads to the solution fast.

Tobias Grewe

Gabriele is a coach who is familiar with top management. I appreciate that she has had the work experience as a top manager herself. Through her knowledge, she offers a new direction and empowers to adjust the professional compass and realign oneself.

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