Leadership Coaching


No matter which level you are at as a leader or manager, excellent leadership involves finding answers to three essential questions:

1.  How do you lead your managers and your people? 
2.  How do you communicate to different target groups within your organization?
3.  How do you lead yourself? How strong is your resilience in difficult situations?

Our collaboration is designed to support you in setting new leadership standards as a manager or executive. The way you lead yourself you will lead your people. You are the mirror. Your values and perceptions define your communication style and corporate culture in your organization.


MasterMind Leadership: "the ME in the WE..:

Leadership culture, leadership style and communication 

How do you assess your own leadership style and how have you been perceived as a leader? How would your team or your employees like to be led in times of change and transformation? How do you want your people to communicate with each other? How do you communicate in a way that supports you in your role as a leader?

Leadership in times of crisis

What needs to be put to test? How transparent and clear is everyone‘s communication? What is expected of you? What do you expect from others?


Executives/managers who change to new leadership roles and/or are given more responsibility (e.g. more employees, higher budget/P&L responsibility, additional company fields, new countries)

Transformational Coaching

How do you lead yourself in situations when personal or professional transformational is due - such as being in a new leadership role or when being terminated (outplacement/new placement)?

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Return on Invest


Sharpening of the personal management profile and style

Improving influence and relationships within the organisation

Management in times of crisis, conflict and stress

Getting to know goal-oriented behavior and communication strategies